My prints usually begin with images from my sketchbook, but the work is often experimental and the image can change as I work.

Boundaries Exhibition


Detail of 3 plate colour etching

detail colour etch2

Collagraph Plate


Erosion solarplate

solar plate

Solar Plate

Solar Plate Etching -Self Portrait

Gold Weight Deboss

Gold weight emboss

Kitchen Litho Chair

lost chair

Solar Plates at Hinkley Gallery

Hinkley display

Jazz monoprint

jazz monoprint

Saint Window Van Dyke Print

Saint Van Dyke Print

First layer image in the press


Text drypoint

drypoint text2

pool solarplate

pool dark blue solarplate


Etching from YSP sculpture

YSP Sculpture etching

Bookcloth shapes for prints

Bookcloth shapes for prints

Reduction Lino in two layers

Layering experiment

Layering experiment